The Talisman

So finally after not really doing anything with my Librivox solo for months, I now only have about 3 sections to record (with 2 already done but waiting to be edited). I can’t believe its taken me so long, I was aiming to finish this in Feb! I’ve never gone over a book deadline for a solo before, I guess there’s a first time for everything, and I have been busy with my Uni work. Although it’s odd, because I did have the time to do some, and yet I didn’t feel like I HAD the time to do it. Still hopefully I can get the rest finished before December.

So what am I reading? The Talisman by Sir Walter Scott, I happened to stumble on it by chance while I was looking for something to record and all I could really find out about it initially was this from wikipedia.

The Talisman takes place at the end of the Third Crusade, mostly in the camp of the Crusaders in Palestine. Scheming and partisan politics, as well as the illness of King Richard the Lionheart, are placing the Crusade in danger.

I also find out there’s some big twist at the end of the book, and I think I know what that twist is.

I have to say that its a really great book, I really like the way Scott writes its not too complex for the time and I found myself quite drawn in and quite excited and worried about what was going to happen to Sir Kenneth in the early chapters. I’m looking forward to finishing this soon, then I can make a start on a new book, wonder what I’ll pick, I may choose a H. Rider Haggard, I love his stuff too. Or another Scott, maybe Rob Roy.. not sure. 🙂


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