The knitting goes on

I’ve started to get back into the swing of knitting things now, although thats because I have actual wool and patterns that are behaving and aren’t too awkward to follow. Watch me jinx myself, but I really haven’t made any progress on the Drops patterns or that Yarn Forward top I’ve been working on. The drops one, its not like I don’t understand the instructions, it’s just at that awkward bit of having to put it all together when I start on the ribbing, and I’m not sure if the top bits are long enough (Ravelry, non Ravelry). And the excuse for the Yarn Forward one? I just got fed up of trying it on again and again and again, and I still can’t tell if I’ve got it long enough to start the sleeves, hell I’ve already done more repeats of each bit than is asked for. I don’t want a short t-shirt that will show my tummy when i reach up, but at the rate this is going I’ll block it and discover that its reaches my ankles or something silly like that. So then what have i been up to knitting wise?

Well I made these for my mum:

mitt envy

pattern: Mitt Envy and Non Ravelry

Needles: 2.5mm (I didn’t wnat to work on anything smaller!)

Notes: My mum has long hands so wanted the gloves to be quite a bit longer than they were in the picture, if I had made them for me I probably would have just added a few extra repeats of the cabled bit. As it is I added 10 extra rows of ribbing, then an extra cable section before the thumb and 2 more afterwards. I also knitted about 6 rows (decreasing around 8 stitches) before I did the ribbing on the thumb. They’ve come out pretty well, nice and snug. Now I’m going to have to sort myself out for another pair of fingerless gloves, I like this pattern but I have another one in mind. Just need to get hold of some appropriate black sock yarn. 🙂

What else am I working on?

The February Lady Sweater, no I’m afraid I don’t have any pictures of this yet, too lazy to get that sorted. I’m hoping that this pattern will use up all my dk Rowan Cotton that I have lying around from when I tried to knit Trek from a Rowan magazine about 2 years ago. It was not a good pattern for a new knitter to start with, especially as several knitting terms even confused my mum! I’d actually gotten pretty far with it too, had done the back, 2 sleeves and had started one of the front sides when I just decided that it wasn’t going to happen, its been sitting around ever since. Now though my progress on the February Lady Sweater is going much better. I think I should have enough yarn to make it as long as I want, the patter does call for worsted weight so I’m knitting it a size larger or so to make sure that it’ll fit. Hopefully I’ll have enough yarn and that I’ve not made this thing too big!

I’ve also started on a secret project making a present for a friend of mine, I shall be using this yarn from Fearless Fibers:
Isn’t it pretty? The colourway is called Spellbound and its wonderfully soft.  Its fingering weight and there’s just over 500 yards of it, so its going to be a good sized project.

Oh gosh this may be turning into rather a long post, I should learn to post more often, then I wouldn’t leave everything for just one post.

Last weekend we had to get our electricity meter replaced (the one we had was beyond ancient!). It finally gave my mum something she wanted, for my dad to finally clear out all the crap that has accumulated under the stairs. (Its small room under the stairs.) This included lots of boxes with bits of metal, plastic, tools, windscreen wipers, light bulbs, plastic bags, a mummified mouse (either ran in there and died from fright after being chased by our cats when we had them, or left there by said cat.. although I suspect the former as Treacle would usually leave such things for us to find, also I’m glad I didn’t see that!) and finally this:

I’m sorry it just amused me that there were still some old newspapers lying around there from 1983!! That’s older than I am!!! Its some crazy headline too, a bank robbery and then a dramatic car chase from what I can remember, also look how cheap the paper was 17p!!


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