So Excited!!

Hehehe!! So a few weeks ago I saw the Eldar E3 trailer for Dawn of War II, and I must say its a fantastic trailer, the graphics are amazing and it really shows off Eldar and Space Marines really well!! The trailer ends with the Space Marine Captain slashing at the Eldar Farseer with his chain sword and saying “This world is ours, Witch!” with the dying Farseer answering “Wrong, this world is theirs.” And she points up to the sky, and all we see is a rather reddish looking night sky. The trailer then cuts out to say Dawn of War II, coming soon (or something like that). Leaving you going “Whose?! Whose world is it?!”

What was my reaction then? “Tyranids! Its got to be Tyranids! Oh I hope its Tyranids!”

What did C find today? A slightly extended Eldar Trailer, showing who turns up

and also This

(Sorry the Embedded video just didn’t want to work 😦 )

I was right!! Tyranids!! SQUEEEEE!!! I am sooooo very excited! Look at the awesomeness!!! The utter utter awesomeness of them!


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