The war continues…

So far the score is Vista Service Pack One 2, Me 0. Hell I say 2, but it depends what your counting here, if 2 is the number of big attempts I’ve made to install this thing (searching Google for help, running various error scans and changing settings) then its correct. But if its the number of times I have actually physically tried to install SP1, then.. its what.. 6..? 7? Each individual install and then reverting changes taking.. hmm an hour at least?

I have pretty much tried almost every resolution listed on this website:  to no avail.

The error code I get from the Windows Update history is 8004100A, which.. even after a google search I cannot find much out about it.

I’ve even tried downloading SP1 (luckily it didn’t take too long, considering its well over 400MB), installed that.. and.. what do you know that didn’t work either. And what helpful error message did I get? 800F0826, which is the error code telling you that an update has failed. Gee. Thanks. Like I hadn’t already noticed.

Can you tell that I’m just a little bit fed up??

I’m going to have to call Microsoft’s helpline next week I think. *sigh* I hate phones, and I really do not want to faff about on this machine too much, I have project work to do. 😦


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