On Saturday me, C and several friends went to watch Pride. I was a little bit iffy about going in the morning because it was rather wet and cloudy, but luckily it cleared up and became quite nice and sunny and reasonably warm. Which of course meant I had to take some suntan lotion with me, as I tend to burn in the sun. So after managing to meet up with everyone, and then finding a reasonably good spot to stand in on Regent Street, we waited for the parade.

Here are a couple of pictures, first one is the Amnesty International Float, bearing what I thought to be some good words of wisdom and an important message.

Next we have “Amy Winehouse”, in fact there were several “Amy Winehouse’s” I wonder if its because she’s been in the news a ‘little’ bit? 😉

Environment Agency… Green’s the theme.

I do not want to know how heavy those wigs must have been, nor how hot!

And finally, not only must that have been an uncomfortably hot and heavy costume, but it was also windy, not seconds after this photo the two people on either side had to help pull him forward because he couldn’t move due to the gust of wind!

In fact the wind had fun with several peoples attempts at holding banners, sometimes they just couldn’t move forward. It also made me laugh that the Police only brought a crappy white transit with just Police written on the front of it for their part in the parade, whereas the Fire brigade brought a fire truck. I think we know who wins there for coolness factor. 😛 It was also amusing that a part of the scenery for the Civil Service truck fell off, I’m sure it doesnt’ represent anything.. not really. 😉

I had a good time at Pride, my one complaint however is that its just starting to get too long, it took an hour for the whole parade to go past. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t that long a few years ago. Now don’t’ get me wrong, I’m glad that people/charities/companies want to take part in pride but at the same time, an hour’s a long time.


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  1. Robin

    I was there too, well ish. Was doing some scout stuff in hyde park and we had a quick look before we went over. 🙂

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