Yes I know I’ve only just posted a post, and I suppose I could have combined the two, but well I started writing my Pride post a few days ago, and if I’d gotten around to it and posted it when I’d started then.. this would have been a separate post anyway. So.. 😛 (Yes I’m aware I’m babbling like a silly thing)

I went to Boxercise for the first time since.. last August I believe. The evilness of having uni classes on Tuesday evening’s prevented me from going at all really since then. So me and E went for the first time in ages,  and well I’d forgotten just how hard it is! I built up a serious sweat and I’m quite glad each bit is broken down into sections, even so I did feel like my arms were going to drop off at one point. It does give you a real good feeling though afterwards and amazingly I don’t ache as much as I thought I would today thou.

I’m going to have to try and make sure I don’t leave such a long gap between classes again, actually it’d be great if I could go every other weak or so. Would help to build up that upper body strength that I’m sorely lacking!


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