Pleasently Surprised..

Or perhaps I should say ecstatic?

I just checked my universities on-line system to see my final module results and.. Well. I actually saw some of them last week but they weren’t all up, now they are. And well, I think you can guess that I’m pretty damn pleased with them!  My worst exam was Database Administration (in the 50%s) however every other module I seem to have done amazingly well on, (above 70%)(Well ok Java was 69% but still, it really pulled my mark up for that considering I did so badly on the very first in class test). So yes I am really quite quite happy! 🙂

Now all that’s left is to get my project done, (I do hope we get a marking scheme for that, as it would help).

Heheh, ahh gosh this MSc, which has been such hard work, is nearly done!! Just gota pull it together with this project, and start job hunting. Phew.


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