Walking, walking… and.. more walking

So yesterday, me, C and two of my friends E and  A, went to have a picnic at Grafham Waters, (It’s up near Cambridge). The plan was to have a picnic and to go for short walk. The weather was a bit overcast when we got there, but we sat by the lake, 3 of us enjoying bread, humous and some really yummy bread that has haloumi inside of it. I shall have to see if I can find somewhere that makes that near me, it was damned tasty! My friend A is on something called a Cambridge diet, and so couldn’t eat what the rest of us were eating, although he did steal a few bits of bread.

After lunch we decided to go on a walk, E said that the lake was only 7km in circumference, that’s just under 4 and a 1/2 miles, it shouldn’t take us too long to walk all the way around it. So we started out in high spirits, the sun had come out by now and it was pretty warm, and the butterflies, dragonflies and flies were now out in force. About a 1/3 of the way around we made a pit stop for Ice Cream (or at least some of us did) , this was about an hour or so from when we had started out. So we headed on again, we got another 1/3 of the way around before the trouble began. The path began to diverge away from the lake, (well should call it Waters really?) the ordinance survey map E had wasn’t much use as it looked like the bike track we were following diverged quite far away from the lake, nor were the ANY helpful signs to indicate how far it was now to well.. anywhere.  So we wondered along, knowing WHERE the lake was but not seeing it, and being very unsure as just how far we had to go. Time passed, we’d set out at 2ish, and it was now around 5ish. From E’s map it looked like the walkers path deviated from the cycle path at one point to go directly towards where we wanted to go (namely the car park where the car was), so we followed one path hopefully. We saw a rabbit, a deer (which looked quite small, possibly a Muntjac, maybe a Chinese water deer but.. honestly  I’ve no idea) and then we turned a corner and there was, what was propably a birdwatchers hut in the way. Great. So we turned around, took a side path and hit the cycle path again.

After a couple of short cuts we eventually managed to SEE the lake again, and wonder of wonders walk beside it, also amazingly we saw other walkers (and not just cyclists). Thank goodness! We were no longer semi lost, but still we were still a mile or so from the car, at least we knew how to get there now though. We eventually made it back to the car by 6.15pm. And promptly took a good long swig of water from the bottle E had left in the car. (We’d all finished the actual bottles of water we’d taken with us quite a while ago.)

So we managed to survive that adventure, and we figure that we walked about 10 miles in total, having a look at the map later, we worked out that the circumference of the lake is at least 9km, and we did have to walk wide of it at some points. Also a 4 hour walk isn’t a terrible thing, BUT when your not prepared for it, and aren’t sure just how much longer the walk back to the car will be, then.. well its *sigh* I can’t think of an appropriate word, but I’m sure you get my drift.

Anyway have just found a recipe for Haloumi bread, I may well have to try it out at somepoint! 🙂


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  1. Sounds like quite the adventure! Glad you were safe and not too far from the path!

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