The love affair resumes

So several posts ago I mentioned that I was finding knitting Laminaria time consuming and well was causing my right hand to hurt, and wasn’t looking forward to knitting more with it at the time. However for the last few days I’ve picked this up again and by doing about 2-4 rows a day I’ve now got just 2 repeats left of the blossom chart left before I do the edging. Therefore me = mega excited.

Look! Isn’t she beautiful?


Well not quite beautiful yet, she’s at that cutsey you know she’ll be beautiful when she grows up stage. She still makes me go squee, especially when I think about how much this shawl will open up when its blocked. (You need to imagine the green as a lot  darker than it looks in the picture.) So yes I am again in love with this shawl, well to be honest I never fell out of love with the shawl, I just fell out of love with knitting it, but that is now no longer the case. 🙂

It’s funny how I started working on this again once the top I was working on got to the awkward stage. I have to join the front and back piece together to knit in the round, but first I need to make sure both are the same size, and I’ve already got a fair few ends that need to be sewn in later too.  Ahh the Mistresses of Knitting are fickle.

And finally I was making scrambled eggs for lunch and look:

Two yokes in one egg

2 Yokes in 1 Egg, according to C this is supposed to represent.. something? Possibly Good Luck?

Also am I sad for taking pictures of that? 😛


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