So yesterday I had my last exam!! (Maybe my last exam ever? Although I thought that when I finished my undergrad degree, and it turned out to not be the case.) I’m glad thats all over now, now I just have to do my project and I’m done. Quite relieve that the majority of the stuff is over though, although I’m not quite sure just how much the project counts towards my final grade. :/

So as my last exam finished at 12pm, yes its an odd time considering that all my lectures and other exams were at 6pm, but that’s because a partner college in Sri Lanka was doing the same exam. After that was done I met up with C and we hit Oxford street. I did have reasonably grand plans of getting some new shoes, a dress, a bag, a book and a game, alas the trip was not so successful. I couldn’t find the Agile Web Development book for Ruby on Rails in Borders, so looks like I may have to get it off And alas the dress and bag I had liked didn’t look as good in real life, ah well no biggy, saved me a bit of money its not like I needed them. I did however invest in some sandals, (2 pairs in fact), and it seems like my feet have shrunk, I know that you can go slightly smaller with sandals but usually I’d get a 6, not a 5 1/2.

And then I did a silly thing, I bought Portal, now don’t get me wrong I really want to play this game, but I sort of thought I didn’t want to bother getting the Orange Box, because well I’m not too interested in playing Team Fortress 2, and someone already gave me their Half Life 2 and Half Life Ep1 from the Orange Box so I wasn’t sure if it would be worth it. But then I do want to play Half Life ep 2 and I remembered (after I’d purchased Portal) that the Orange Box also has Peggle Extreme in it, and currently its only £24 on Amazon, soo when you consider I’d get 3 games, and would probably have tried Team Fortress 2, then I really should have gotten it. Well no problem, I thought to myself, I haven’t opened the packaging on Portal I can just return it to HMV.

So that’s what I went to do today. Or tried to. Apparently HMV only do exchanges on unopened PC games. Joy. And unsurprisingly my local (rather small) HMV did NOT have the Orange Box available. Thus I am now presented with 2 options.

  1. I trek to Oxford Street (30 min journey) and attempt to exchange my copy of Portal for a copy of the Orange Box (price £30).
  2. I give/sell Portal to someone else, and buy the Orange Box of Amazon.

Hmmm. :/ Really not sure. 1 is cheaper but its a little bit of a hassle JUST to exchange a game. 😦

Ugh so anyway back to yesterday, I decided that going shopping after you’ve had an exam really isn’t a good idea, its really exhausting! I was wiped out by the time I got home, couple that with the fact that I haven’t been sleeping too good for the last few days. Oh well maybe now exams are done I can sort that out.

In other news I did get a hair cut today. Yays! It is now jaw length, and layered (I have thick, curly hair, I have to have it layered otherwise it just goes all poofy. So now it is funky and short, although the hair dresser did decide to do weird things when finishing up, it was going curly and he decided to straighten the very front bits but to leave the back curly. Very strange. Ah well I do intend to dye it purple over the weekend (hopefully).

And finally my new keyboard did arrive.  Although the size of the box it arrived in did amuse me, especially when compared with the size of the box for the keyboard.  It was all taken up with those fancy bag’s of air. 🙂 I took a pic of it against my old keyboard too,  the size difference doesn’t look too bad (its barely noticeable in some ways). And hopefully you can’t see how dirty my old keyboard is either! 🙂 Keyboard & Packaging


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