Ahh Eurovision, a night of pure cheese maybe but I do enjoy it (most of it at least). Watching some of the silly songs and crazy lyrics is always good for a laugh. And actually, despite what I think I said in a previous post, when I listened to the UK entry compared to some of the others *cough* Latvia, Spain, Russia *cough* to name but a few, we had an all right entry. So Latvia had some pirates singing about how they are going to take Eurovision, Spain had the most bizzare song about a dance called the ChikiChiki, Russia had some awful ‘power’ ballad type thing, Germany’s entry sounded off key, France had some guy singing in English about Chivers (??), and Bosnia Herzegovina had some wired song where the backing singers pulled out large knitting needles near the end and pretended to knit. There were a couple of songs I thought were quite good, Azerbaijan had a pretty decent song for their first ever Eurovision, Finland going with power metal again, I enjoyed Turkey’s too.

Still, as per usual, the worst bit of the night was the political voting, its got even worse in the last few years I think. It used to be that only the countries competing on the night voted,which was usually around 20-25 countries, then whoever came last got relegated and wouldn’t be allowed to compete next year, giving someone else a chance. Except for when the UK came last, they couldn’t relegate us because along with Spain, France and Germany we put the most money into the event. Now however, there are two semi finals before the final everyone (43 countries this year), except the UK, France, Germany, Spain and the winner of last years contest (I think that’s it) competes and then on the night of the final 25 countries compete. But all 43 countries get to vote at the end, it just means that the political voting has much more of an affect than it used to.

I mean Iceland and Denmark trading 12 points, Spain and Portugal, pretty much all the Baltic & Scandinavian states giving Russia 12, and I’m pretty sure that, these days, even if the UK sent a truly awesome song that could be number one for weeks, we would still get f-all points. (Thou thanks to San Marino and Ireland for at least giving us some points so we didn’t have nil. We still came last though, along with Germany and Poland. Yes that’s right Spain’s truly dire song got a hell of a lot more points than us, I’m sort of of the opinion that Spain and quite probably France and Germany just don’t really care any more (because of the political voting)? I’m pretty sure Spain had a really odd entry 2 years ago too. (I missed last years Eurovision).)

Do I sound like a sore loser? Maybe. But you know it’s tiring and BORING watching the same thing happen every year. Oh look every one is giving all the high points to the countries they are nearest to. There’s no tension, no excitment over who might win, there were occasions a few years ago where the voting used to be tight, it would go down to the last few votes.. but not these days. Russia made a killing with the points this year.

Its just depressing. Why do I keep watching it then? Year after year?

Oh yeah.. cause you get a right laugh at some of the crazy/stupid songs that are there! I should learn to turn it off when the voting starts. 🙂


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  1. I was listening to an article on the radio about Eurovision the other day, and how the “Political Voting” isn’t actually about politics. Mainly cause I can’t think of any country’s politicians who could get them selves organised to do it. Aparantly the largest contributuing factor to the “Block” voting is infact imigrant populations. According to the rules, you can’t vote for your own country, but alot of countries have large populations of imigrants who vote for their “home” country, the net result is you get Block voting, with only the occasionaly variation depending upon the quality of the song.

    Just my twopence worth

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