Moving & other things

I’d forgotten how exhausting moving, even just a small move, can be. Wednesday I helped C move what small amount of stuff out of the place he was renting to my house. It was no where near an epic move, hell I did that EVERY time I went back to uni, that was epic, I had so much stuff that I filled my dad’s Peugeot Estate! I mean everything I had was kind of ‘necessary’ I had my PC, base unit, monitor, speakers, printer, then my tv, game cube, and of course a bag of dvd’s/game cube games. A suitcase with clothes, another with sheets, pillows etc. A bag with text books and folders of notes, a bag of living essentials, washing up liquid, washing machine powder, extension cords, a mirror.. etc. And of course my 2 potted plants and bags of food… Gods that was a lot, somehow my friend, who had almost as much stuff as me, managed to fit everything in his mum’s car, which was a fair bit smaller than mine, it was most impressive.

But anyway I digress. C was renting somewhere which was only about a 5 min walk from where I live, its amazing how long that can feel when your weighed down with bags, it didn’t take that many trips though. A part of me thinks it would have been so much easier and quicker if my mum had brought her car around, it would have taken one trip, and she did offer. But then.. its ONLY 5 mins, and I’m hardly helping the environment if I use the car for such a short trip. Ah well.

As of today I have now completed 4 of my 5 exams, and last exam is next Thursday. It can’t come soon enough, I have decided to treat myself to a rather large shopping trip afterwards. (The benefit (or is a a curse?) of having a university near Oxford street.) There are some things I want to get from Marks and Spencers, and I need to get a book to teach me about Ruby on Rails. Its basically an open source frame work that allows you to develop database backed web applications. And from what I’ve seen of the tutorials and such it is supposed to be really easy to do as there is minimal coding involved, and is supposed to be easy to learn. So I’ve decided to learn. I just hope that one of the book shops on Oxford street has the book I want.

I have also finally decided on what keyboard I want. I think I mentioned ages ago in another blog post that I would invest in a new keyboard in the summer, well I am going to get one soon. I have to say it was a tough choice. Originally I was torn between the Logitech LX 710 Laser and the Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave. Both are cordless, and both came with mice, the former has more buttons functionality than the other, but the latter has that curvy look which is supposed to be better for people who get RSI, which I do occasionally.

So I thought it was a tough choice, and both were about the same price on Amazon so there wasn’t much in it.. until I stumbled on Logitech’s Gaming keyboards. Well that did it.. I wasn’t aiming to spend more than £40 maybe £50 on a keyboard. But then I saw these two. Logitech G11 Keyboard and the Logitech G15 Keyboard.  Now.. granted the G11 is JUST below £50, but it’s the G15 that is the neat one, and after reading a review that compared the new G15 with the old G15, it just sounds really neat, plus my friend has the old G15, and he says its pretty damn good. However unfortunately neither of these are wireless, nor do they come with mice, now to be far I wasn’t really looking for a new mouse, my basic Microsoft Optical one serves me fine. Plus my current basic keyboard is also wired, so it’s not going to make a huge difference to me, although the size might. For some silly reason the Logitech site doesn’t give you the dimensions of the keyboards, the G15 is 19.5″ long and 10.5″ wide, my current keyboard is 18″ by 7″ so its pretty big! At the moment I can push my keyboard up next to the monitor if I want to write note on to paper and such. I don’t think I’m quite going to have that luxury with this new keyboard, I’m also going to have fun when I want to break out my graphics tablet. I really wont’ have much room at all! But, I’m a gamer geek and well, it’s a gaming keyboard. I’ll figure something out!


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