Technology is just annoying

I think technology took a dislike to me this weekend. I tried to install Vista Service Pack 1 on Saturday morning, it would get all the way through, do the last restart, when its supposed to configure the install and then just say “Install failed, reverting back”.. Well.. how nice. As per several troubleshooting suggestions I ran a couple of system scans, turned all extra programmes off and … it still didn’t’ install. I have yet to try the suggestion to try and install it with things like the virus checker turned off, I think I may wait till after my exams to sort this out.

Vista however has also started to do other really crazy/annoying things.. The compute window.. it groups things by drive type, and with the computer drives it very helpfully had a little green bar that showed you how much space you’d used/had free. Or at least that’s what its SUPPOSED to look like (see example here). I really appreciated it too. But now… now mine looks like this:


Can you see that?? Its grouped them alphabetically!! I mean WHAT?! And don’t any of you dare tell me that I can change it back to sorting by Type by right clicking and selecting the sort by. I will have you know I’ve done that TWICE, and yet after a restart or two it REVERTS BACK to this alphabetical sorting….. Not to mention that I have no idea how to get those nice computer icons back with the green bars to tell me how much damned hard drive space I’ve used. I really appreciated those!

I also ran out of black printer ink on Saturday, I had to use my dads printer.. which was almost out of black ink too, so it should be fun getting the rest of my lecture notes printed off from which to revise from.

Oh well.. at least I’ve actually managed to fix one issue! Dany wasn’t going into standby mode after having the screen saver on for 10 mins, but I updated the graphics driver on Sunday and that seems to have fixed it. I also discovered that because I have a NVIDIA card I was entitled to a couple of free stuff chapters so a demo Peggle, the first few levels of Portal, and some HL2 chapter things. Neat! I may have to invest in Portal now… it was fun. 🙂

I also have a few suspicions that it MAY have been this graphics driver issue that was preventing SP1 from installing.. but like I said I’ll try to install it again after my exams. In fact I need to go revise, I have another one at 6pm today. The fun never ends(!)


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