Exams & size

Whoo well I’ve got 3 exams behind my belt but another 2 to go. The next one is on Thursday (6pm) and the final one the Thursday (10am) after that. So I should have a decent amount of time to revise (I hope). About two posts ago I made a rather annoyed post about revising for Java, well that was the exam I had today and I actually feel like it went ok. Although it always worries me when I feel like that, its the pessimist in me, that I’ve actually done a lot worse than I thought. Like I think I’ve answered the question when in fact I’ve missed out keywords or some such. The java exam did seem ok, the coding was the same as some of the tutorials, which I had sensibly gone through a few days ago, so am hopeful.

Funnily enough I’d almost done the whole paper an hour into the two hour exam.. actually that’s sort of nothing new for me. When it comes to exams I look at the questions, and if i know its something I have to think about for more than 20s I skip to the next question. It generally means that I’ve at least read through the paper and made a start on all the questions roughly an hour into the exam, but to day I think I’d almost answered everything in the hour.. but I decided to stay for the full 2 hours. Why? Because then I don’t’ remember something alter on and go ‘Damn!’. Boring it maybe but at least I can push as much of an answer out as possible in the time.

Also in other news this pisses me off. The press have claimed that Princess Beatrice is overweight… WTF..?!  Have they lost the use of their eyes as well as their intelligence..? (The press.. being intelligent.. hmm?)  She’s a size 10! I mean hell even if she was  a 12 or a 14, that’s NOT fat, and its most definitely NOT overweight! God the words perception of size is getting even more ridicules! I mean we’re buffeted with pictures of skinny/anorexic looking models/actresses, there are shows dedicated to making anorexic people put on weight and for making overweight people lose weight. And now… NOW the freaking press are having a go at someone who is a normal size, a size which is in fact below the UK average (which I think is a 14 or 16). I mean what the hell is their problem? Go find some actual news to publish! Its not like there isn’t enough of that in the world. 


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