Excuse me if I come across as a little pissed off, that would be because I am. I am currently trying to revise for my Java exam on Monday, so I’m going through the tutorials to remember some stuff, and well I have decided that whoever decided to set all the exams in May (and none in Jan) was an absolute genius!

I mean first of making us learn in 12 weeks, what I learnt in 2 years in my first degree but had forgotten, is worthy of a medal.. but then, THEN to set the damned exam 5 months, yes that’s right 5 MONTHS later.. well splendid, you really deserve lots of medals now. I think I should find you and thank you. I mean theory subjects, with an exam 5 months later? Oh well that’s hard all those facts to learn and memorise but Java? Oh no problems there at all.. I mean its just learning a whole language after all! I’m sure people could totally learn French in 12 weeks, not touch it for 5 months and then sit an exam.  I mean.. really.

I think some people out there have had to much crazy juice. Grrrrrrr.


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  1. Ugh… good luck with your exams!

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