Oh the weather, its is most peculiar

Ahh Rafiki is funny, makes me want to watch the Lion King again, actually it’s been so long since I have watched it that I’m not even sure if I’ve quoted his line right! But anyway, yes the weather, I’m going to be terribly British and complain about the weather but, ack its tooo hot! Highs of about 23C, which I know, as C keeps telling me is not that hot, but I find it waay to hot. Between 15 and 20C thats my optimal temperature. Hells, even though I seem to have developed bad circulation in my fingers and toes, thus making them cold a lot, I even prefer it when it is colder! Its easier to dress up warm than it is to keep cool.

Whats more depressing is that May = exam month, I have 5 exams, starting this coming Monday, the weather is being nice and a lot of my friends have finished uni, thus making me jealous as I don’t finish till sept.  I would like a summer and I would like a job. 😦 I know in the long run I’ll appreciate this MSc, and in some ways I do but.. please I would like it over? Thank goodness I’m not doing it part time!

On a side note C is thinking of running a Heroes game one day, (not Heroes the TV show but the RP Heroes system) but I honestly have NO IDEA what I’d want if I had superhero powers, there’s just too many options!


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