Babylon 5 s5

So me and C have been working our way through Babylon 5, we’ve flown fairly quickly through seasons 1-4, (although holiday time and such helped with that) and we’ve enjoyed it. Actually I have seen Babylon 5 before and I do like it, its not one of my fave TV shows but I like it. However now we’ve hit season 5.. and progress has sort of stopped, the first half of season 5 is just.. some of the most annoying TV ever. I mean I’ve always known S5 wasn’t good, and I have actually watched it before, and I can’t have been paying much attention then because it didn’t annoy me nearly as much as it is now. I mean the whole issue with the Telepaths is a good one, it had potential as a story line, but the execution? Gah.

Byron and his bunch of hippy telepaths? Byron may be a charismatic leader, but he doesn’t come across as being much of a planner. I mean let’s go blackmail all the alliance ambassadors with their state secrets to try and get our own telepath homeworld. I mean what? I mean firstly why did he never even try to speak to Sheridan after he found out Telepaths are the Vorlons fault, its just a straight, we should get our own homeowrld thing. And then, how exactly is this homeworld thing going to work?! I mean the kids of two telepaths are necessarily going to BE telepaths. So what are you going to do with mundanes on this telepath world? They’ll just become some sub-slave race? Or will they be rejected and sent back to Earth?

Then at the end of ep 11, when they are arresting the leaders of Byron’s hippy telepath rebellion, the prisoner’s suddenly pull out guns when Bester and his blood hounds turned up. Er WHAT?! Who the hell lets prisoners walk around with guns, why weren’t they searched. Its not like these were all small easy to hid guns, one of them was suddenly wielding a PPG rifle? *sigh* I know there was more silly stuff, I just can’t remember it all.. I may be blocking it from my mind.

Thank goodness all this sillyness is intermixed with brilliant Londo and G’Kar interaction, I love those two, always have they are such brilliant characters, and G’Kar is especially funny. 🙂 And thank goodness that this telepath story line is pretty much done with, although I still think my least fave episode is the very last one on season 4.

Edit to add: Just been discussing this with my friend and I thought I’d just quote what he said about season 5.

“It was because the network (Fox, are you surprised?) had told them “S3 would be the last” “Oh, OK, you’re popular, you can have ONE more, Finish it now” “S4 was awesome, you can have your last season after all!””

Ahh Fox, the destroyer of great TV.


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