What a time waster

Unlike some people I am not a complete Microsoft hater, I mean yes at times the software can be really annoying, but I have found there are some fantastic features in Office 2007, and actually I do kind of like Vista, but there are some things about it that really annoy the hell out of me.. and I have just run up against one of them.

I want to edit some Librivox files in Audacity, using version 1.3.4 which is in Beta, and the software has suddenly decided that it will open in full screen mode, or just sit in my start bar, I cannot get it into windowed mode. I have never liked working with software in full screen mode, unless 1) it is a computer game that does NOT make me queasy, or 2) I am trying to focus specifically on writing up a piece of coursework. Editing Audacity files doesn’t fall into either of these to categories. So a quick trip to the Audacity help forum suggests that I need to reset audacity by deleting a few files. Here is where I start banging heads with Vista.

I need to get here Documents and Settings\<user name>\Local Settings\Temp\, but when I get to Local Settings, Vista tells me that my Access is Denied. Why does it do this? It’s Vista’s crazy way of telling me this because these files are located elsewhere. There’s some useful information about it here, and as the guy says, if Vista can tell applications where the actual path to these files is… WTH can’t it just take me there? Now I’m going to have to waste time trying to find the file locations. *Grumble*

Edit: Blah I think I’m still tired, if I read the webpage I linked to more carefully it actually tells me where such things are.. now to see if I can fix Audacity.


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