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Well the first week of my ‘Easter’ Holidays has been and gone, and I feel much more relaxed now, I guess its about time I get started on my coursework that I have? Especially as one is my big project proposal write up thingy.. urgh. Lets forget that for now, and I’ll make this an update on the fun things I’ve been up to recently.

Ahhh I’m going to cut this because this post is getting long!! Anyway to give it a mini contents page I talk about Wedding, Natural History Museum, Roleplaying, and random other things. 🙂

I’ll start with the wedding I went to all the way back on the 23th March, (gosh that feels almost like an age ago!). I left on the 21st (Friday) and, because it was Easter weekend and Network Rail is doing all their engineering works at the big holidays it took me SIX hours to get to Liverpool! SIX! The train I was going to get to Northmapton was cancelled, so it meant I got into Birmingham, just missing a train to Liverpool and had to wait an hour for the next one. Which, funnily enough, was the train I was supposed to be on, when I booked my tickets MY journey said London Midland direct to Coventry, then Virgin train to Liverpool… but the London to Coventry train was non-existent, so I guess a certain company hadn’t updated their journey details when they booked. *grumble* Then on the Saturday me and my friend Andy drove down to the Brecon Beacons from Liverpool, well Andy drove I did the directions. It was a nice, if long drive, took about 5-6 hours, the weather was pleasant, (apart from the short snow shower in Brecon, we almost got a bit lost there too, not brilliantly signposted). But we made it, and the castle, Craig-y-nos, and I realise I forgot to take a picture of the front of it, but no matter you can see it in the link, although the way that picture is it makes the front car park look a lot bigger than it actually is.

Anyway I shall jump forward to wedding day (because this post is getting long….), it snowed really early in the morning, but luckily it had all melted by mid morning so we didn’t need to worry about that too much. It was cold though. Very cold. And it made me very very very glad that I had decided to make Cherish to wear to the wedding, I was almost worried the day before that I would get too warm with it, but no it was perfect. It was my toes that got majorly cold instead (the curse of wearing a dress with thin tights). The wedding itself was beautiful, Nella’s dress was gorgeous, and her hair was fab. It was a really good day. 🙂

I had another fun journey home the day after though, the train journey took an hour longer than the time it said on my ticket. I’m so very glad I decided to take my knitting with me, it at least helped to pass some of the time, although I did get a little bored of working on Bottoms Up, (you’ll need a Ravelry account to see this) for hours on end as it is a little repetitive, oh well I’m getting there. What was annoying was my Shuffle dying about an hour and a half into the journey, so it made it quite a boring journey.

Anyway so that was the wedding, lets fast-forward 2 weeks of uni work to get to the start of my holidays! I’ve pretty much spent the entire week with my Bf, which has been very nice, as I didn’t have much time to spare in the 3 weeks previous. We went to the Natural History Museum (NHM) last Saturday, and a lot of the exhibits haven’t changed much since I was little and a lot of what we know, particularly about the dinosaurs has changed a fair bit. Such as some dino’s being warm blooded, others we now believe to have had feathers. In fact Caleb was a fountain of knowledge, I also learnt that some wasps, I dislike wasps, they sting, and don’t really serve any sort of purpose that I can see (at least bee’s make honey!). But Caleb that parasitic wasps do serve a purpose, as they only hunt a particular species of insect/spider, and thus keep that species in check. Now while I do find it disturbing that the larvae will generally eat said insect/spider alive, I can see this as being somewhat useful behaviour.

On the way back from the museum we popped into Forbidden Planet & Ork’s Nest, I invested in some Buffy comics, and Caleb invested in the new Inquisitor books for Dark Heresy (a Games Workshop RP game based on the Warhammer 40k, or at least it was Games Workshop, they cancelled it, and I think Fantasy Flight games have bought it now, I have to confess my opinion of them is quite low.. considering how rubbish Fireborn was), as he is GMing a game. YAY! I finally have an RP game to play in. 😀

Sunday, Role playing day, we met up, in the pub, with 2 guys who had expressed interest online in playing a Dark Heresy game. So currently the group is composed of 3 players and the GM, we’ve started off by playing through the adventure in the main rule book. Now I feel I must point out here that this adventure is written for 4-5 players, not 3, and that Dark Heresy is a really harsh system. Most of us have around 12 or 13 hit points, most weapons do around… 1d10 +3 damage, at the lower end…… and there is always the possibility when using psychic powers of blowing your head up. It is a very lethal system. And yet somehow.. SOMEHOW we managed to survive and kill the greater demon lord that was trying to break free. Phew. It was fun though. 🙂

That covers both Sundays, now to cover the time in between, ack this post is looooonng! Sorry! I keep thinking I should make separate posts but it almost seems silly to do that. During the week I went to the bead store in Covent Garden, I’ve had a fancy to play around with making stitch markers and jewellery, so I wanted to get some stuff to give it ago. I also did a fair bit of knitting I started on Laminaria, from Knitty, and I am totally in love with the yarn I’m using. And I think I will go into more detail about the stitch markers and knitting in another post.

Pretty much just lazed about for the rest of the week, watching Babylon 5 and Bleach. It was a good week! 🙂


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