Getting creative

I have decided/realised that I may well need to invest in getting a ball winder, winding 1500m of yarn, even with a very nice bf kindly holding the yarn for you is backbreaking!. Ok so that’s a little bit of an exagguration, but it takes AGES (several hours!) and it makes your arms ache after a while. Still I did really want to cast on with Laminaria, is it not pretty??

I knew I had to get the right yarn for this so after looking around for a while I found the perfect yarn. Hand painted Merino 2 play from Violet Green. Here are a couple of pictures:


The second one is a slightly truer colour, and is slightly smaller than it was because here’s how far I have gotten.

Laminaria 1

Its not the best picture ever, in fact its much prettier in real life, I’ve just reached the transition chart and I have to say I’ve really enjoyed knitting it so far, the Estonian lace has been really fun and it has a gorgeous effect! I can’t wait till I’ve finished it!

I’ve got so many projects on the go at the moment, that shawl, another lace project, my socks and t-shirt, and I’m waiting to cast on for a cardigan. Too many things! šŸ™‚ Still I’ll get there.

I’ve also as mentioned in my previous post started to think about making stitch makers, and here is my first attempt. I am quite happy with them, although I do need to work on my attempts at manipulating the metal with the pliers. Still practice makes perfect. šŸ™‚


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  1. Your markers are beautiful! You could also send some to knitting friends and ask them to test them out for you – that is what I do with yarn.

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