Is it over yet?

My brain tired, I’m tired, my brain is stressed and I’m stressed, we’re both fed up, and we both want this MSc to be over.

 Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying  the educational value of this course, I’m learning a lot, but gosh I want need a holiday! Christmas barely counts as a holiday as I had a lot of coursework to finish during the break, and it was quite a chore getting it all done. Which is odd really, because it’s not like I didn’t have to do work over Christmas at Keele, I always had exams in January and yet.. I never felt so stressed about them. In fact I never felt so stressed and exhausted at Keele as I do now, was my course easier there? Did I not care as much and thus not work so hard? And yet… I did well in my coursework there usually, not so well in my exams, but that’s exams for you. So it can’t have been that.

At least I’m going away this weekend.. and thats going to have some stress because I’m doing some crazy ass journey to get to Liverpool (stupid engineering works) and then another crazy journey to get to the Brecon Beacons to go to a wedding. I’m totally looking forward to the wedding, but still I have to pack, and I have to get there, and I have a coursework presentation tomorrow. I’m telling you the 5th April cannot come soon enough!! Easter Holidays!! I totally plan to spend that weekend doing  NOTHING, absolutely nothing, well maybe some knitting (definitely!), some watching TV (some people on Ravelry have mentioned Doctor who MIGHT be starting that weekend?). Hell at some point over Easter I might actually be able to record something for Librivox, shock horror! I doubt I’ll be able to finish my Solo though, and I really want to, heh my original time to finish that was February.. so didn’t happen, to much uni work, it’ll probably be June/July I expect now.

But I can’t relax over the whole of my 3 week ‘holiday’ I will have coursework for one module, plus I have to write my project proposal up, and that also has me stressed. I have to get it right so that I can pass the PPPP module and do my project, and the person assessing that is not the same person as my project supervisor, and they have different approaches. I’m also wishing that we started our projects later (and finished them later) because when we had to decide what to do there were still things I didn’t know about, and yesterday we just had a lecture on Grid Computing, and it was actually quite interesting. It has made me wonder if that wouldn’t be an interesting project to do.. *sigh* I’m all torn and worn out with not much time to really have second thoughts like this.

I’d better get back to work, I have papers to find.. I was thinking I’d knit on the trains  over the weekend, but I may have to take these papers with me as well, I have to do a compare and contrast thing, and I can at least write bullet points of stuff out while I’m on the train.

I really want a holiday.


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