Wooo! And it’s finally finished! Isn’t it pretty?


Pattern: Cherish (Rav page here)

Yarn: Rowan Big Wool

Needles: 12mm

As I mentioned here, I almost didn’t have enough wool for this project, however the ‘cheats’ I did on the sleeves (I knitted 3 rows less on the shoulder shaping) seem to have worked, the sleeves still fitted fine. My mum very kindly sewed it all together for me (I am having a mega busy week, and I did not have time to learn how to sew this together, but NEXT project I will sew it myself, or at least do it while she’s there, I do need to learn this!). I was a little worried about the button, I ran out on Friday morning to buy one, found what I thought was the perfect one, bought it home, and then wondered if it wasn’t too contrasty, but no I like it now and I think it works.

I tried it on when it was all sewn up and I really like it! It’s so nice and cosy, and just quite nice to look at. Although I do have one thing to confess. I made the comment on this picture that I seemed to have a fair bit of yarn left over on one sleeve, and I had to steal left over yarn from one of the side pieces to finish the other sleeve.


When I did my rough measurements they were (I’m sure) the same length, you would have thought the amount of left over would have tipped me off, but I didn’t really have time or the inclination to fuss to much about it. So when I tried it on and held my arms out, I discovered that one sleeve is about half  an inch longer than the other. Oh Well. I guess I won’t hold my arms out like that. Doubt it’s really that noticeable unless I start pointing it out, or there’s some super detective like Poirot wondering about. 🙂

Anyway I’m really happy with the final result. While I was knitting I did wonder if I shouldn’t have chosen another colour, because on Ravelry it’s the colour a lot of people have chosen, and there was a really nice one in Linen, but now it’s all done I’m happy. 🙂


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