Cherish and the Bodice of Dooooom

So I’ve finally finished knitting Cherish, just have to block it all and sew it together and find a button. I have to get this done this weekend, I’m supposed to be wearing it to a wedding on Easter Sunday!!

So here’s most of it lying together, I hadn’t finished the final sleeve by this point:

And here are my finished sleeves, gosh these were a hassle!
I decided to knit them in the round, I knit one in the way I was supposed to for the size I’m doing, got to where you do the shoulder bit and just did not have enough yarn. >_< I was about 3 rows from the end, and I knew I couldn’t start another ball of wool because I’d need all that to do the second sleeve. So I cast on with the second sleeve, and did slightly less repeats for the flared bit at the cuffs and then knitted the rest for my size, and I think I actually prefer it this way, saved me yarn and meant my cuff’s aren’t too flared. However I got to the shoulder bit and STILL did not have enough yarn, so I had to cheat a bit. I’ve cut off a few rows at the top of the shoulder decrease, checking with my mum we think it’s still ok and will fit the shoulder seams (I hope!!!!! I don’t have time to mess with re-knitting them both again!!), but even doing that I had to cut yarn that I had left over from a side piece to finish the last 2 rows!! But it does seem to work. So I ripped out the other sleeve and knitted it the same way as my finished sleeve.. and I must have done something differently, maybe its’ not quite as long as the first (although it looks to be the same) because (if you look at the top left of the picture) there’s a fair bit of rolled up wool there. But unfortunately not enough to finish the sleeves off properly.

I am going to have to use different yarn to seam it all together though, although my mum reckons the Big Wool would be too thick to do this with anyway. But it’s quite annoying because the pattern calls for 4 balls, so I got 4 balls, and this clearly wasn’t quite enough. (I needed maybe 60inches more to finish the sleeves properly) Oh well. Nearly done now. I hope.


Evil Bodice of Dooooom (or Bodice of Evil) doesn’t really matter which, I am just fed up with it. Anyway, this pattern is from Exercises in Knitting by Cornelia Mee which we are recording for Librivox.

I’ve (finally) done the main body.
bodice of evil2

And here’s my hand so that you can get a feel for just how small it is(!)
bodice of evil1

So now the pattern says “Then take up the stitches all round the neck, and knit 3 plain rows.” but I’m not sure what it means, I have about 15 stitches on a holder, but I’m guessing it means I need to knit into the whole edge of the neck band? (otherwise I’ll have some strange floppy thing 15 stitches wide at the back of the neck) urgh. That’s a lot of stitches to pick up when I’ve got a really tight gauge on this, dk on small needles. :S

I also really need to re-write this pattern for the modern day, but clever old me hasn’t really been making notes paying attention as I knit….. smart. But I think I can figure out most of it, its just a matter of counting rows and working out when I joined yarn etc etc etc. Hopefully I can have this all done by the summer, and then I can get rid of this chapter for Librivox, luckily I’ve already recorded it! *phew*


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