Rescue mission status: Success!

So as I just posted about an hour ago (here) my sock needle feel into the almost dark yet very dusty depths of my PC, and I’m sure Dany (my PC) is not very happy about it either. Look you can see it here:


And here is a larger shot, here are my two WIP’s piled next to Dany. Probably not the best place to keep them, but I’m not sure where else to put them for now. Incidently they are also sitting on top of my graphics tablet (I covered that with a piece of fabric long before I started keeping my knitting there. I didn’t want it getting scratched/damaged.)


And so I unplugged Dany and took the side panel off, I’m sure she won’t appreciate me showing photo’s of her naked inside’s but luckily the fan vent thing hides most of it. πŸ˜‰ And look there is my needle + a fair bit of dust!

Inside of PC

Although the amount of dust there isn’t as bad as when I opened my old PC up (it was making a lot more noise that usual) and discovered great masses of dust & hair balls. Poor thing. No hair in Dany, but I suspect this is because she is not sitting on the floor like the old one was but is up high.

So I rescued my needle, dusted Dany out a bit, hid her insides from the world again and plugged everything together. My knitting needle seems to have come out of this no worse for ware, and I have reunited it with the sock and sock yarn as you can see. I shall be careful not to get these separated again.


As you can also see I have made a bit of progress on the sock. I am getting close to doing the heel, and from reading up a bit it’s like doing the toe, so shouldn’t be too hard I hope. πŸ™‚

Also why do I keep wanting to write neelde and not needle?? *sigh*


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