I just felt the need to spam my own blog, because right now I am just making myself go crazy. I have coursework due tomorrow, and I just don’t understand the question I’m supposed to be answering. I am driving myself into a ball of confusion. I don’t know what the question seems to be answering, what it IS actually asking, whether I am answering the question, or whether I am writing complete crap and getting too detailed.

I just don’t know.

And obviously I’ve been dumb and not emailed my lecturer for clarification on a few things that are confusing me. Why?! Gah. Idiot. I got busy and distracted.

So here I am going round in circules not sure whether what I know/suspect is right and whether theres any point at all. Gah this coursework is 40% of the module too. WHY DIDN’T I SEND AN EMAIL?!

*bangs head on desk*

Why do we always leave things till the last minute? Why do we never learn? *sigh*

I just want to go knit.. but obviously that’s time wasting and thus will make my stress worse.. 😦


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