Tatting & Earthquakes

So I’ve started reading Marnie MacLean’s blog, specifically because some of the pattern’s she has created are really really pretty! And there are several must knits for me. Recently she’s been talking about tatting, and here is her blog post on it. Doesn’t it look pretty? Really really pretty? And it made me think, I’m pretty sure it’s something that I can use to make this dress prettier,  (I posted about this here)

Brown Dress

Potentially I could make something and sew it on there.. somewhere. The only problem is I don’t have the time or the resources to learn this at the moment. Maybe I could by something to sew on..some kind of pattern or something, or buy some material and add it somewhere. The dress is STILL hanging up on the outside of my wardrobe, 1) so that I don’t forget about it, and 2) to try and inspire me to come up with SOMETHING to pretty it up. But so far nothing. Oh well. Maybe I’ll get more inspired after my exams. :/

In other news we had an earthquake over here (5.3), well epicentre was in Lincolnshire, heh watching BBC news at the moment, and it’s been referred to as a “Very British Earthquake” because everybody is talking about it. (Whoops aren’t I original 😉 ) But we don’t really get these things very often, so of course we’re going to talk about it.  Must confess I didn’t feel anything, but people have felt aftershocks all the way over in Holland. But it’s the biggest Earthquake in a long time, there was one that was 6.1 in 1931. (Heh I didn’t mean that to rhyme.) Ahh I’m sure there are those of you out there laughing at me for the patheticness of British Earthquakes? 🙂


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