Dear D&A

Dear D&A,

I am writing because I feel you need to take a serious look at your customer service abilities, and also at the training of your opticians. I feel that it is rather outrageous to throw away someone’s contacts (when they are very very short sighted), provide them with insufficient daily disposable contacts to last until their insanely expensive glasses turn up. Now I realise that it is not really your practice to give away daily disposables like that to tide someone over, but lets face it you did destroy the original contacts with the claim that the person was going to go blind. Also not only did you suggest that the person was going blind, (not to mention that they also had an ulcer) but the suggestion that we had to go to A&E immediately would imply that it was incredibly urgent. You also recommended us to a hospital that was not equipped to deal with eye emergencies, which therefore wasted about 4 hours of our life. Additionally the referral letter (which took an hour or more instead of the 20mins you said it would take to write) did not really mention WHAT you thought was wrong because the doctors kept asking us.

I would like to point out several things here, 1) as we were told by the nice doctors/nursers at Moorfields, ulcer’s are painful, do not tell someone they have one if they are clearly not in any pain, 2) it is surely better to make the suggestion that someone should think about going to A&E, and think about using glasses for a while and NOT that it is urgent said person goes to A&E, just so you can make a sale of horribly expensive glasses. Also if you say you’re going to put a rush on getting the glasses done, so that they are done in 7 days (instead of the usual 7-10) don’t say this if you DON’T GET DELIVERIES at the weekend. That is clearly a downright lie.

Don’t get me started on the fact that even though you suggested Monday for the glasses they are still not ready, and might not possibly be ready till Wed. Where I shall point out you REALLY DID NOT supply enough daily disposables in that case as a pair WILL need to be reused for a day because said person cannot SEE otherwise.

Yours sincerely,



*sigh* Aren’t D&A wonderful? Or am I making too much of this?

(I’d like to add that I have worked in retail, and I know that getting things ordered over from the warehouse isn’t always as instantaneous as we’d like, but I know that I was always honest about the fact that things ordered at the weekend that were in the warehouse, wouldn’t be likely to come in till Tues/Wed because the warehouse was closed at the weekend and I wouldn’t be able to check for stock till Monday. It’s NOT that hard to at least be honest and communicative.)

Edit to add: I wasn’t there at the initial meeting with D&A where they mentioned blindness, however this was the impression they did seem to give to Caleb. And I feel that such an impression was quite unnecessary and they could have thought of a better way to say things WITHOUT giving said impression.


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