I think if Demonic Soul Eaters really existed, then they would probably feed very well in some A&E departments, those places are such a drain on a person, especially when you effectively spend 3 hours in a freezing cold waiting room, for effectively no reason. So I hope you got a good feeding Mr Demonic Soul Eater, perhaps your little’uns got a good feed to? I hope they grow up big and strong… (!)

So I suppose I should probably explain exactly WHY I spent 3 hours in A&E? Well Caleb went for an eye test, a NORMAL ROUTINE everyday eye test for new contacts/glasses. He went to D&A, where the optician determined that he had to go to A&E ASAP, because he apparently had an ulcer and was going to go blind, due to his contacts. So obviously it took them an hour to write a referall letter *rolls eyes*, and they told him to go to North Middlesex A&E dept. (I was at home while this was happening.)

So not being sure quite HOW to get to the North Mid, my mum kindly gave us both a lift there. Although she did mention that the Whittington is probably a better hospital than the North Mid. But I digress. We get to the North Mid at.. hmm 2.30pm I think, register at reception, and wait. (The sign on the electronic screen says its a 3 hour wait.) Caleb get’s seen by the triage nurse/doctor(?) who says that because their eye clinic is closed they are sure if he can be seen today. Hmmm… ok. So we wait… and wait.. and wait.. (you know the drill surely?)

Finally pretty much 3 hours after we got there we’re seen by a nurse, who after a quick description of why we’re there goes. “Oh.. well the eye clinic is closed, there isn’t really anything I can do. You’ll need to go to Moorfields, or maybe Weston, as they have emergency eye clinics.” (In fact Moorfields IS the SPECIALIST EYE Hospital….)

Right… So, we’ve just wasted 3-4 hours of our life in A&E,  and you can’t even do anything. Now its not the fact that they coulnd’t do anything that really ticks me off, it’s the fact that the Opticians SENT us to North Mid, its the fact that the Triage nurse/doctor didn’t think to say that because the eye clinic was closed that we should go to say Moorfields!  It just boggles me that if an Opticians says you need to go to A&E IMMEDIATELY that they wouldn’t tell you to go to the A&E department in a SPECIALIST EYE Hospital(!!!!) GRRRRR!!!!!!!!

Not only was it 3 hours wasted, but it was 3 hours wasted sitting in a blood COLD waiting room!!

So, I phone home, because I can’t remember where Moorfields is but I had heard of it, it’s at Old Street, which duh I should have remembered because I used to work at Old Street.  So, my dad drive’s out to North Mid to pick us up (cause I can’t figure out where the sodding bus stop is to get away from there) and drives us to Moorfields. Now THAT is a nice hospital, the waiting room had comfy chairs and it was WARM! Triage was quick, then 10-15 mins later a nurse saw Caleb to do a quick check, and ask some questions, and even she mentioned then that he probably did NOT have an ulcer because if he did he would have been in INCREDIBLE PAIN. Which he wasn’t.

Then, maybe 20-30 mins after that we got seen by a doctor. (We’d been moved to a second waiting room after the nurse, and you actually felt like things were moving in there, because you saw people go in, come out, and leave) And what did the doctor say? After doing a quick check? That there was NOTHING wrong.  Oh his eye’s were a bit oxygen starved because of prolonged wearing of contacts, and that there is a point where this is irreversible and can make you blind. BUT that he wasn’t at that stage yet.

So… SO, there was NOTHING WRONG. Now I wouldn’t have minded spending 1-2 hours at Moorfields to be told this. What really irks us both is the fact that we had to waste our time at the North Mid first!! It’s just utterly INSANE.  GRRRR.

Anyway I will leave this post here, because otherwise I shall just repeat  most of what I’ve already said. But yes, long story short, if EVER your optician tells you to go to some general A&E department (and you live in London),  DO NOT listen to them!! GO TO MOORFIELDS. It IS a SPECIALIST EYE Hospital. (Have I made my point..?)


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  1. Cat

    Thanks goodness there is nothing wrong!!
    Poor Caley!!

    At least over here it’s pretty much one hospital – and the wait times tend to be under two hours…. on a good day. 🙂

    Your parents sounds fabulous. I’m so glad my boy has a nice girlfriend who gave up a day to accompany him to A&E.

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