Not enough Yarn?

So I’ve started knitting Cherish, well when I say started, I’ve done the 2 front pieces and the back, so all I have left are the sleeves, but I’m getting a little worried. I’m knitting the small size and the pattern asks for 4 balls of wool, so I only got4 balls of wool (it’s rather expensive wool too, Rowan Big Wool approx £7.25 a ball) and even at the start I was worried I wouldn’t have enough, because I know I’m a tight knitter. However when I managed to do the front pieces and back using only 2 balls of wool I thought “ahh I’ll be fine”, that’s a ball each for the sleeves, and I’ll have wool left over to seam it all together too.

So I thought I’d be clever and knit the sleeves in the round, to avoid seaming them together. This may have been my undoing. Sleeve number One has about 10 rows left, and I am pretty damn sure I do not have enough yarn to finish it! And if I use the yarn from my final ball then I really won’t have enough yarn to do sleeve number Two! >_<

Now I am wondering if because I knitted in the round I’ve knitted tighter and thus used more wool to get to the desired length. I think I may have to frog the sleeve and re-do it, knitting back and forth doing my best to knit loosely. That may let me finish the sleeve. (Although if that does work I’m going to have fun doing the actual seaming(!))

Alternatively I have considered knitting the extra small size in the sleeve, but even the small sleeve at the moment is a bit tight. So I am a little worried. Hmmmm…. Dilemma.

Anyway here’s a picture of a bit of the top:



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