Gota get creative!

Ok so for the last few months I’ve been having some wardrobe issues, a lot of my clothes are simply too big. At some point I realyl need to sit down and alter the waist lines on many of my skirts. (Thats going to be an awkward/big task..) Anyway, while I was at the shops today, trying to find something to wear to a friends wedding, I have yet to find anything good, I saw THE perfectest perfect suit! I am currently debating with myself as to whether I should spalsh out and get it. I don’t really have a suit at the moment, as my current one.. well I’m pretty sure I just look like I’m drowning in it!! Anyway this prompted me to actually try on said suit clothes at home, and indeed most of them are too big, but I also found this hidden in my wardrobe:

Brown Dress

Its something that has been sitting in my wardrobe for a looooong time (serveral years? from before I went to uni I’m sure!!) and I don’t think I have ever worn it. Not once. Ever.

So I looked at it, I tried it on, and yes it does fit, but… it’s boring! Oh so boring.

Brown Dress 2

So I need to find a way to revamp this dress, a way to add colour to make it more interesting so that I actually wear the thing!! Cause it does fit and has a decent shape. My dilemma is what? What can I add/do to it? I’m not really a seamstress. Hmmm… this one might take some thought?

Maybe I could knit some kind of lacy skirt thing and sew it on to the waist? Maybe? but if so what colour?! Gah. Will come up with something one day.



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3 responses to “Gota get creative!

  1. Do you embroider or applique? I could just see something small in the center of the chest… or around the hem.

  2. kaitharshayr

    No unfortunately I don’t, it may be something I’ll have to practice. Assuming I come up with an idea.

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