2008 the year of films..?

Gosh I was just perusing this list over at IMDB of what is coming out this year and there is a LOT of films that I’d really like to see!

  • Jan
    • Sweeny Todd – Already seen this was brilliant! You should def go see this, very fun to watch, if a little bit gory in places. πŸ™‚
  • Feb – nothing leaps out at me
  • March
    • The Other Boleyn Girl – Its based on a book and looks like it could be an interesting movie. On a side note I am amused by being told on IMDB that the synopsis of the story could contain spoilers… I mean honestly how is this: “Both women shall share the King’s bed, but only the one whom Henry loves the most shall rise to the throne and take power as his Queen of England. One sister shall fail, and the other will pay a high-price for her success: her life. But which sister shall it be?” any kind of spoiler to most people??
  • April – nothing leaps out at me
  • May
    • IRON MAN hehe not that I know much about the comic, but I have been told its one of the best and this looks good!
    • Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – Its Indy, what can I say? Although I confess I have not seen a trailer yet.
  • June
    • The Chronicles of Narnia – Prince Caspian – wheee! Ok so the first one wasn’t the best thing every but I enjoyed it. So looking forward to this. πŸ™‚
    • The Incredible Hulk – Actually I really hate the Hulk, and I have no intention of seeing this, I’m more just perplexed as to why they have made another Hulk movie..? It doesn’t even seem to be a sequal of whatever that one back in 2002(?) was…
  • July
    • The Dark Knight – YEAH!! Trailer looks good! I can’t wait.
  • Aug
    • Hellboy II: The Golden Army – Again not seen tralier but, wheee! πŸ™‚
    • Also another X-Files film? And a 3rd The Mummy film..(ugh)?
  • Sept – nothing leaps out at me
  • Oct – nothing leaps out at me
  • Nov
    • Quantum of Solace – James Bond. Daniel Craig. ‘Nuff said. πŸ˜›
    • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – It’s Harry Potter and I’m a geek. ‘Nuff said again. πŸ˜›
  • Dec
    • Star Trek – hehe!

That’s a LOT of films! A LOT of rather big name films! Ok so said films could still be rubbish, just because they are big name films doesn’t necessarily mean they are good films. Still I stand by the fact that it’s a lot of films for 1 year! πŸ™‚


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