I am cold.

In fact scratch that.. I am very very very very very cold, almost freezing in fact. At some point yesterday the heating went off, it took a while for me to notice though. My radiator is a little crazy and a slight turn on the dial makes it get very hot in my room, so I tend to have it low, however as I was cold I did turn it up… and then wondered why I was STILL cold much later. My mum mentioned some pump had gone in the boiler… I don’t know if that means we don’t have hot water, although we did seem to have a bit of some earlier, so maybe its just the heating, I haven’t had a chance to ask.

But right now, I have a long sleeve top, a jumper, a thick fleecy jumper AND my dressing gown wrapped around me. Fingerless gloves, and am contemplating a second pair of socks, even with the slippers on.  Also thankfully for once I am appreciating the extra heat from my PC. It is cold. 😦 Hopefully gas man will turn up tomorrow to fix!

In other news, I went to see the lecturer I’m going to do my MSc project with, and mentioned that the book she suggested I read had not turned up yet, so she very kindly lent me her copy. However sod’s law my copy turned up this morning! Isn’t that typical?

And finally, I was at Hyde Park station on Sat, going to get on the tube with my bf, when this lady, who had a pushchair and a kid to get down the escalators, asked me to hold her child’s hand down the escalator! I did find it odd that she asked a perfect stranger to hold her child’s hand! But at the same time my mum did point out that managing to hold a pushchair on the escalator is an awkward thing, and you do need to know how to handle it. (Otherwise there is the possibility of a lawsuit… hence why TFL staff don’t help.)


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