Sometimes I feel my age….

I have the feeling that I am one of the youngest people on my MSc course, and one of the few people who doesn’t have a ‘real’ job. And sometimes I really feel that lack of experience, especially now in my Project Management module, all the other people work in business they have experience of this kind of thing.. What do I have? It’s a little intimidating at times.

Take today for example, the lecturer asked us if any of us had experience managing a project. And she looked at me (curse the fact that my name is easy to remember AND that I generally sit in the front of the class).

Lecturer: Liz, what about you? What sort of projects have you worked on.

Me: Damnit don’t ask me.. ack ack, what have I worked on? Librivox sort of counts I guess but a book project is kind of small does it count? Should I mention it??

Me: *shakes head*

Lecturer: Are you sure? What about a wedding,  or a party…?

Me: Ack… ok.. so I’ll mention Librivox.

Me:  Um.. I do some volunteer work for Librivox, we record audio books, its a sort of.. um.. group effort…

Lecturer has baffled look on her face.

Me: Um…

Lecturer: But how is this a project.

Me: Uh, we have different readers and er.. we release the books.

Lecturer: Ahh, yes so book releases, film releases that also is a project.. (etc etc rest of lecture)

Me: Ack ack!

I swear next time I’m going to go into the furthest part of the room and hide, its just scary! So very scary!


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