Abilities I wish I had!

I’d just like to point out that these are abilities I’d like that would in theory make my life easier, and are not necessary the powers I’d choose if I was a superhero. In fact I’m really not sure what power I’d have if I was a superhero, there’s just so much to choose from!

Anyway in no particular order here is my list of things:

  1. A CTRl+F ability in my brain! (Or the ability to read like Superman!) Remeber all those annoying times when you know you’ve read something and you just can’t find it! Gone in a flash! Just a quick scan and bingo there’s the sentence your looking for. Oh how useful it’d be.
  2. Camera’s in my eyes. The other day in my Database Admin lecture my lecturer was drawing lots of time consuming diagrams, which I couldn’t be bothered to copy (the concept was reasonably simple) and it just make me wish I could just take a picture with my eyes, it’d make my life so much simpler.
  3. 4 arms. Actually I’ve long (Since 2003) been of the belief that 4 arms would make our lives much easier, attempting to answer the phone/get our your oyster card/keys when you’re carrying lots of shopping? No problem! Even opening doors wouldn’t be an issue. I could happily knit and drink my tea at the same time! Oh life would be good. 🙂
  4. Finally, the ability to walk through things, walls/people actually especially people. I walk fast, and thus slow walkers annoy me, along with people who JUST STOP in the middle of crowds. If I could walk through people I could.. well just walk through them! No more fighting the crowds!

And I’m sure there are many other powers which would make life easier, for now these are the main ones. 🙂 And ok enough with the sillyness!

In other news I’m stil behind on the evil bodice, by 6 stitches, I did 4 the other day. I must get too it! Also only another 20 (i think) rows to go on my t-shirt! yaaay! 😀 the only real worry with that is how it’ll look once it’s blocked! It fits very well at the moment.
Also the thought of would it be possible to make a Tachikoma as knitted/crochet toy? has occurred to me. Possibly, I’ve really no idea though.


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One response to “Abilities I wish I had!

  1. Kieren

    Oh the list of powers I’d love, and the longer list of powers that people would really rather I didn’t have!

    1) Telekinesis – This needs no explanation realy, but have you ever been annoyed by the fact someone has done something incredibly inconsiderate, and you can’t punish them for it?

    2) Telepathy – Know what people really think about you is the most obvious benefit here, though the amlunt of stuff written about invasion of privacy and telepathy is enormous.

    3) Teleportation (time and/or space) – The benefits are innumerable, and people who know me are too scared of what I could…or would, do with time travel

    That about covers the big ones really. Any others are nice, but these have always been favourites 🙂

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