Charity Shops, such fab places

So I’ve had a bit of an issue with clothing recently, losing weight is not particularly great for the bank balance, hence the beauty of charity shops. Especially charity shops positioned in wealthy parts of town. 🙂

For less than £20 I have purchased 4 tops, 1 skirt and 2 book. 2 of the tops were Marks and Spencers so you know that initially they would have probably cost £20 each, plus one of them still has its ticket! It’s never even been worn! (An unwanted xmas pressi I suspect?) The skirt is from Monsoon, again pricey. So its all good! 🙂

However I did also spot loads of really cool coloured knit where (in designs I didn’t like.. but good colours!) and I know from Ravelry that people often by charity shop jumpers, rip them up and re-use the wool in another project. And this sounds like such a good idea, a decent way to get cheap wool, its.. just all a bit well.. daunting. I mean you have to know how to deal with the seams and where to cut it in order to frog it and get the wool out. I may have to read up on this process a bit more, because it would be neat to do. 🙂

Lol are you all bored to tears yet? Here I am talking about shopping in a blog post. 😛

In more interesting news, my current knitting project(the T-shirt) is very nearly finished, my aim to knit 2 rows a day on the evil bodice is failing, I’m 6 rows behind! ( Yeah.. I should do some knitting on that today) and I also may have something sorted for my MSc project. Yay.


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One response to “Charity Shops, such fab places

  1. snoogiewoogie

    I love charity shops too! Isn’t it fab! You can treat yourself for very little money.

    I bought today a huge bag of cotton yarn for a crochet project I want to do, £4 for about 700gms.

    Love your blog

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