I hate technology at times!

Sometimes the whole technology having a mind of its own thing really pisses me off. Yesterday I brought out my GameCube for the first time in months, so that I could play some Super Smash Bro’s with Caleb. After brief moment of ‘Ack no sound with the cube! don’t be broken please!’ I fiddled around with the cables and realised that luckily it was just that a scart cable wasn’t quite plugged in properly.

However in the middle of playing a game my digi set top box decides to turn itself on, (It was on standby) and tells me that it needs to reinstall all the channels. Err.. what?? Ok so fine it’s had a bizarre attack of amnesia… so I say ok reinstall the channels – that you shouldn’t have lost in the first place because I DID NOT restart you.

So it reinstalls the channels, (yay?) and then… THEN it tells me it needs to install the guide, and to make sure I don’t see this same ‘install guide screen’ every time, I must leave the set top box in standby mode and not turn anything off at the plug. What…?! WHAT?!?!?! You do realise that appliances USE UP electricity in standby mode?! RIGHT?! So you want me to bascially burn up more of our electricity so that I don’t have to keep reinstalling this guide. Also when I did install the guide its not the normal guide that I’m used to but some bloody Virgin sponsored thing!

And actually the Virgin thing annoyes me, but does not piss me off nearly as much as this ridiculas I’m not allowed to turn everything off at the plug thing. Excuse me I do like to try and do my little bit for the environment, which means I like to NOT leave things in standby mode.

I just don’t get what’s changed, its the SAME digi box I’ve had since last summer. It worked, it was good, I could turn it on and off a the plug as often as I liked, my tv guide was just there when I pressed the guide button on my remote. NOW?! Now apparently some retard has decided that I must reinstall it EVERY TIME… Thats like telling me to reinstall Firefox or iTunes every time I turn my PC on and I want to use it. What crap.

Sorry, as you can tell I’m rather pissed off about it all.

Edit: It is in fact just a glorified Teletext thing and I guess just Virgin are paying for ad space, so its nothing to do with Virgin in that sense. I have now also figured out how to get the old generic guide back.  Which I do much prefer, apparently the Teletext extra, is just an enhanced service. But still I find it very annoying that I can’t just turn things off at the mains, thus saving a bit of electricity.


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