Technology VS Knitting!!

So the other week my family took a trip to PC World to get a laptop for my brother, I wondered off to look at keyboards, because I would really like a new keyboard for Dany. (Dany being short for Daenerys (A Song of Ice and Fire) which is the name of my PC) (And why yes, yes I have named my PC, I have also named my 3 hard drives in my PC after Dany’s 3 dragons, and if you think that’s sad then that’s totally not my problem šŸ˜› cause there’s nothing you can do about it!) Anyway back to the topic at hand. I would quite like a new wireless keyboard with fancy buttons on to press for DVD playage and the like. As right now I have a really old cheap logitech basic wired keyboard, and I feel my new PC (well ok i got her in August so not quite new) could do with a new keyboard.

So I was looking at keyboards and going ‘Ohh Ā£40 for one of the cheaper wireless keyboards, ooh dear.’ and my mum, who also wants a new keyboard commented that she could get it for me if I really wanted. To which my reply was. ‘Oh, no I’d much rather you got me yarn instead.’ …. What?! What?!!! Heh what am I becoming?

I had a sort of similar conversation before Christmas, I did have some vauge plan to get my friends to chip in with my parents to get me a 360 for Christmas, instead I decided that I’d much rather have knitting supplies!

And yet I really do want a 360 and a new keyboard! Oh the agonies of currently being an unemployed student! As such I have decided that when I get my first paycheck, for this currently mythical part time job that I will get over the summer, (part time so that I can also focus on my project work and finish it), it will be spent on a new keyboard! How exciting eh? šŸ™‚


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