Education is such a Time Eater!!

Oh don’t get me wrong I love my MSc course, its really interesting and I am learning an awful lot from it, but at the same time I feel sort of unfocused time wise. Last Summer even though I was working 9-5 I felt like I had a lot of time in the evenings to focus on things and getting things done (Librivox) but now… Now I really feel like I am neglecting my responsibilities there, (in fact I know I am, I’m an admin, I should be more active.. :S) but sitting down to get work done just turns into a bit time eating feast. Perhaps once this semester is over (June) I may get more focused, although I will also be running around attempting to get my project done to. Ho hum, I guess the knitting doesn’t help either, that eats up time to!  I think this whole year (I’m talking academic year from last sept) is just going to be rather crazy time wise.


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