Juno Regina

So here is the pattern Juno Regina which I decided to make for my mum for Xmas. Is it not mega mega pretty? Oh I had fun with this one, I was never quite sure if I would actually get it done in time. Initially I went to JL to go hunting for the yarn I wanted to use, annoyingly they don’t really sell lace, so I had a look at some 4ply stuff, thinking that that might work out ok as a replacement. I got all the way past the diamond lace section only to decide that a) it was a rather monotonous boring colour for a shawl, and b) it would be monstrously heavy!15112007105

I’d also made quite a lot of mistakes with the lace, it was the very first time i’ve ever attempted lace after all :P.

So I decided that I would need to hit the internet to find some appropriate yarn, and luckily I discovered Malabrigo Laceweight on Get Knitted. I initially ordered the Emerald colour, only to get a phone call about 2 hours later to say that it was out of stock and would I like to pick another colour. I called back to change it to Turago (not quite sure on that spelling and I’m not sure where I’ve put my lables, which is not good!), which luckily they did have, and the next day it all turned up in the post! Along with a free pen and lolly! I am most impressed. πŸ˜€

I think I received that at about the beginning of December, which meant I had a month to knit the thing. Now not only did I have to contend with the fact that as a scarf shape those things take FOREVER to knit because you have to make them so long (and I knew I had to knit about 50″ of the bit in the middle), but also its on small needles with thin yarn. It was time for some crazy knitting!

Somehow, at 3.30am on Christmas morning I was finished!


I have yet to take a proper picture of the whole thing, because in actual fact the statement ‘I have finished’ is a bit of a lie. I finished knitting it yes, but it is not yet blocked. It may well remain that way for some time, as both me and my mum need to find the time to clear space for it. Although I might have some free time next weekend so, perhaps it could be done soon.

Things I would have done differently: I used 3mm needles ( I didn’t own 3.5 at the time) and as I have a tight gauge anyway its not as wide as I would have liked. But my mum does love it, so its all good. πŸ™‚

And as a side note that 4ply stuff will not be going to waste, there is a t-shirt (from the Yarn Forward mag) I wanted to knit that calls for 4ply so hopefully I should have enough to knit it, once I get hold of the pattern. I was supposed to get the mag’s for xmas, but they haven’t turned up yet. Hopefully soon though. πŸ™‚ (Heh like I don’t have enough things that I want to knit at the moment!)



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