(I started writing this post and then lost it >_< so here goes again.)

I hope everyone had a good Christmas (if you celebrate it) 🙂 I did, although I spent the day filling up on tea because I was absolutely exhausted. I was up till 3.30am finishing off my mum’s stole, and wrapping presents. The stole isn’t complexly finished yet, it does still need blocking, but I finished knitting it! 😀 Haven’t got any pics yet but I will do, I’ll probably write up a blog post for it. But I thought I’d share some of the shiny things that I received, just because they are so very very shiny! 😀

Is this not a very pretty handbag? I was browsing through M&S website with my mum, but I didn’t’ actually expect to get this! I was thinking I could maybe use it to carry my current knitting project in (whatever that may be), its a decent size. 🙂


And then I also got these:
Pattern Books

There are so many patterns in Heartfelt that I want to knit, so little time and so much money! I also got some really yummy wool, so I can now make a start on this. Is it not pretty? And the yarn is a really nice colour, and very soft, its made out of soy. 🙂

SWTC Oasis Solid - Soy Silk

And finally what really makes me go squee!

Knit Picks Needles

Knit Picks Harmony needles! They are so utterly smooth its amazing, I really can’t wait to knit on them and look how amazingly tiny they are!

Knit Picks Needles

Ohh I can’t wait to get knitting on them!


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