So we’ve had frozen berries sitting around in our freezer for months, and now my brother is back home for xmas, my mum had to buy more food, and the freezer was a little short on space. So we decided it was finally time to turn the berries into Jam. (We meant to do this months ago, the 5KG bag of sugar has just been sitting around taken up space.) So out come the berries, all 7lbs of them. For those of you who are curious they are Loganberries which according to Wikipedia are a “cross between the raspberry cultivar ‘Red Antwerp’ and the American blackberry cultivar ‘Aughinburgh’.” Source

I remember when I was younger I used to see my mum make jam out of the raspberries we used to have in our back garden, but that was a long time ago, its nice to know how to make jam. All you need is an equal amount of sugar and berries. And a rather fancy thermometer which lets you know when the mixture is at jam temperature. 🙂 Very useful.

So, this is what happens when you pour 7lbs of sugar onto frozen berries, we probably should have let them defrost a bit more first..

Slush puppy!

..because this is what it gives you… a very sugary slush puppy, doesn’t it look tasty? :/

Hot Jam

Ahh.. thats better!

And finally.. what a mess! But doesn’t it look tasty? 🙂  This is the first time I’ve ever had Loganberry Jam and I have to say it’s really tasty! (The fact that I like it is probably a good thing, we do have an awful lot of it!)


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  1. Robin

    I am willing to take some of that jam off your hands! looks really good!!

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