It’s a crazy world.

Ok so this is a bit of a sarcastic post, but i just read this on the BBC website. And wtf? Leaves = Litter?? What you going to go do next, fine trees? And obviously Leaves aren’t biodegradable either.. *sigh* It’s litter fining taken to extremes! It’s like the time they were going to fine a mother because her toddler dropped some crisps on the ground, IIRC she did clean some up at the time but not all, and they were going to fine her because of that.

Least the council apologised.

I wonder if you could make it into some kind of crazy reality game show?

<Deep Voice Over> Hello and Welcome to the final of EXTREEEEMMMEEE Litter Fines! Tonight our contestants face their toughest challenges yet, to see who can get fined for the most craziest act!</Deep Voice Over>

No?  Ah well. It was just an idea. 🙂


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