Whats really in our food?

So this is a BBC programme thats been on after Breafast news this week. And while it is kind of interesting, for instance I learnt yesterday that Special K has as much sugar as Ice Cream! It’s also a rather silly programme in some respects. Today the presenter is focusing on ready meals (yesterday it was take aways) and he’s going on about the horror of people eating ready meals and how he’d never eat one. And yet yesterday he was admitting that he eats take aways. Now… Surely eating a ready meal is better than a take away??

And fair enough he does have a point about how people cooking ready meals means that they aren’t cooking from scratch, and that they quite possibly aren’t passing on cooking skills to their children beyond ‘Look the Microwave makes food quickly’. But surely you have the same effect with getting take aways?

It just sort of annoyed me that he’s making a good point by picking on ready meals in particular. And tbh I think its quite a silly programme, bring back To Buy or Not to Buy, that was MUCH more interesting!

Edit to add: In fact its VERY anti-ready meal, and yet yesterday they were wondering around Kensington with KFC dressed up as a posh restaurant chicken dish and fooling people who thought it was nice restaurant chicken ( to prove that take away food can taste good.. or something).  Yes ok they did mention that take away does have a lot of fat and it is bad for you, but there was MUCH less of an anti-take away feel than there is for the ready meal.


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