Cherie Amour

(wow full of posts in the last few days. Now question is will I finish this one before I need to go uni?)

So I saw this pattern and went ‘OOOHHHH thats Lovely! I have to make that!’ And so printed off a copy of the pattern, and took it with me to my LYS, with barely even a clue about what yarn I needed. I was vaugly aware that the one I picked out was probably thicker than the one recommended in the pattern, but it wasn’t till I joined Ravelry that I really began to understand about all the various yarns. (And in fact that place makes it soooo easy to check just what sort of weight a yarn is considered. I love it.. anyway I digress slightly).

So here’s the very start, the first bit of lacing I’ve ever done, it took me a fair while to actually understand how the pattern worked, I’ve since realised that if I’d known about/used stitch markers this bit may well have been slightly easier, as I wouldn’t have had to stop and count a lot.

The ribbing bit was fun, and I love how it came out. I’m actually wondering about trying to do something similar for a belt/corsetty thing. Except right now I don’t have much time to think about it, but maybe over xmas, we’ll see. πŸ™‚

And so onto the top. Not much to say here. Although I feel I should point out that I was by this time going ‘arrrrggghh Not enough Wool arrghhh!’. Obviously because I’m using something that’s super bulky instead of just bulky i get less wool for 50g, but still it was a bit disheartening, I had to make 2 more trips to the LYS to get enough Wool!

The sleeves I think were the most horrendous part of this whole thing. The acutal knit was fine, it was the sewing them to the main body that caused the big issues. My mum was wonderful did all the sewing for me (i’m awful at sewing)! however we realised that my cast off was rather tight, and so there was a stretch to make the arms fit into the arm holes. After a bit of fiddling, a lot of “Gaah!! The yarn is splitting!! Doooom!” and some help from people at Ravelry, the sleeves are finally sewed in. Of course now I’m wishing I hadn’t done the ribbing at the start of the sleeve. But maybe that’s something I’ll fix when i’ve got a bit more confidence at messing about with yarn.

Final picture of the completed top. I love the shape of this and such but oh gosh, I wore it to uni today and its just soooo damn warm (my own fault for using super bulkey I guess :P)

It’s been a good (if expensive) learning curve. I now feel rather more confident about what to knit and what yarn to use (mostly from having Ravelry there to help out).



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2 responses to “Cherie Amour

  1. Robin

    Looks good! ^-^

  2. Andy

    I agree with Robin. Looks very stylish πŸ˜€

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