Finishing Books…

So on my commute to uni and back I take a book with me to read, I really wish I could listen to Librivox books while travelling but I find that London is too damned noisy to hear what’s being said. Just walking down a main road is bad enough with all the car noise but actually on the Tube? As mentioned here report from the Noise Association this month says that sound levels on the Piccadilly Line of London’s underground can exceed that of a jet taking off at Heathrow Airport.”

This means I have to listen to music, otherwise I’d miss all the important/exciting bits in audio books! Which means I take a real physical book with me, my problem comes when I get near the end of said book. I know that I won’t have enough book to read for the journey to uni and back, so I take it out my bag and replace it with something else, with the intention of finishing the book at home. Well intention is all very well and good but have I had much luck? No… I currently have several books, Wuthering Heights, Neverending Story (re-read), A Game of Thrones (re-read) sitting on my book pile waiting for me to finish. Now as the second two are re-read’s that isn’t so bad, but.. I really should finish Wuthering Heights!

I also need to find some way of protecting said books in my bag.. they get rather bashed up! 😦


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