Yet more ineptitudes…

An update to my previous post Previous Post So skimming through the points in PM’s question time I thought I’d pull out a few things.

The two most worrying being:

  • Mr Brown said the proper procedures had not been followed – the data should not have been accessed by unauthorised staff, it should not have been removed without the proper authority and it should not have been sent without being encrypted.
  • When the National Audit Office asked for “narrow details” which did not include bank details, they were told it would be “too burdensome” for HMRC to comply, said Mr Leigh. He asked Mr Brown if the problems could have been caused by an increase in the workload at HMRC coupled with a cut in the number of staff.


May I point out two of the points in the DPA? Again?

adequate, relevant and not excessive;

kept secure;

This is the law, THE LAW, you can’t just ignore it because you think its too much hassle. It is not an option.

The whole system clearly needs a complete over haul… and I could go on ranting except I have coursework to finish.


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