Access and USB issues…

*Note Major Rant*

UGH! I am really loathing Access at the moment, we’re having to use it as part of our Data Warehousing coursework to create a ROLAP application to show the managers in our case study why they should use Data Warehousing, and the reason we students are using Access for this (as its not really designed for it) is to understand where the data comes from etc. Ok fine, I can understand that.

But can someone please tell me why Access feels the need to constantly screw up the data that we’ve put into it?! We have over 2000 rows of data (which doens’t make much sense but thats another issue altogether), it has been carefully set up so that certain bits of the data aren’t repeated etc. So WHY when we export it and reimport it (its group work we’ve all done bits of stuff) WHY does it MESS it ALL up.

For example we have a scenario (1) we have a customer (1) we have a store (1) and we have 4 different products for this. which means that for each month we have an entry PER PRODUCT. so i should only have FOUR entries for month ONE…. WHY then does access decide to give me 16 entries?! Why does it decide to completely rewrite our columns? WHY WHY WHY??????? !!!! GAH!!!

And then theres my USB key… I decided to buy myself a new USB key, a nice 2gig one (I currently only had a 128mb key) however most USB key’s these day’s come with this U3 technology. Which sounds neat but is driving me up the damned wall! I put plug my USB key in and have to wait for the whole sodding thing to initialise. Also I’m mainly using this at uni so that I can copy stuff I do there in case I need it at home. So the current process is plug USB key in, wait 5 mins while it sorts the U3 stuff out, only then can i put my files on to it.

But then there’s the hiccups… I plugged it into one machine, and managed to crash it, I plugged it into another, it froze up, when i pulled the key out machine shut down, and then today it froze the machine up and lost the explorer bar, when i pulled out the USB key the machine was fine again. *sigh* not really very portable is it?


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