University work is starting to get really hectic, more hectic then it ever felt at Keele, which is strange, but then I wonder if that’s because a lot of it is group work and not individual work like problem sheets (which are ‘easy’ to get done in a day). So I thought I’d list what I’ve got to do to try and organise my mind:

1) Data Warehousing coursework: Group Work: Due Next Thursday – getting there slowly I think

2) Corporate Systems: Group Work: Due Next Thursday – well we’ve done our ERD so I think we’re almost there. Not to worried about this.

3) Distrbuted Sys: Group Work: Due 13th Dec – gah Java programming, soo eh it doesn’t seem hard in principle its just getting the coding right. will be a pain like programing usualy is!

4) DB Lang: Individ? Group? No idea, will probably be given out today…

5) Data warehousing: out next week? Extended work on current coursework (gah.. hate this stuff)

6) Corporate Sys: Individual? Probably given out next week?

7) DB Lang Coursework and Test – work and revise over xmas due in in jan (phew.. bit of a breather with those two!)

8)  Some silly presentation for project module: 10th Dec

Gosh thats a lot…. Also I need to start reading up on published papers and such to get some idea for what I could do project wise in the summer >_< as need to write some kind of draft proposal over xmas.  Oh man that’s a lot of work.


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One response to “Swamped…

  1. Robin

    I have to play solitaire today…
    And I’m getting paid…

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