My iPod tried to kill my PC!

Ok so at about 1pm today I needed to leave the house to meet up at uni to get some group coursework done. I get up to put my shoes on and… iTunes freezes mid track. Ok so this is wierd because I’m not trying to run a million programmes at once or install anything. I use the task manager to end programme and then start to shut the PC down. The machine takes forever to drop out of the desktop and then it just sits there with the logging off screen. Being impatient to leave the house so that I’m not too late. I hit restart, and watch for the point where I can remove my iPod from the USB charger. When I do so the iPod screen tells me I need to visit the apple support site.

OOkk… I decide to plug the ipod back in, wondering if its something to do with unplugging it at pc start up. PC ends up taking ages to get to the desk to, once the machine loads I decide to try iTunes, see if I can find out whats up with the iPod. iTunes won’t load, checking the task manager it IS running as a process but there is nothing on the desktop. So hmm… I decide to shut computer down again. This time it makes it to the shutting down screen and again.. nothing. So i hit restart again! Unplug iPod when I’m able to (I get the whole apple support thing again!) and then shut PC down… and Voila! PC shuts down.

Soooo… being in a rush I can but surmise that my iPod may well be dying a death (it was behaving oddly te other week.. kept freezing on songs, but it was NOT paused). It is like almost 3 years old after all *rolls eyes* heaven help us that technology should be designed to last longer than that these days!

So now I’m running late.. and to top it off I have to wait ages for my trains to uni! (sods law eh?)

Strangly enough I’ve turned my iPod on since I got home and it seems to be working now. :/ Its trying to lull me into a false sense of security i think!


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