Sony getting a bit desperate….?

So the PS3 isn’t selling that well? Not a huge surprise to me to be honest. It’s overpriced, has not much choice in games, and was pretty late to the market. Combine that with there still being PS2 games being produced and well who wants a PS3?

Also add to this the USA get two options of PS3, the expensive one and the really expensive one. Europe? Well obviously being the back water gaming place we are we only get the really expensive option (and you wonder why it isn’t’ selling?) The USA got a cut in the price of the PS3, and as far as I know Europe.. got it offered with a spare controller and 2 games instead. You know if I had wanted a PS3 I would have preferred a cheaper console to having it lumped with two games I might not want to play. And now? Well..

Cheaper PS3

I quote: “The new PS3 will be unable to play PlayStation 1 and 2 games, has a reduced number of USB ports, from four to two connections, and no slots for memory cards.

The system will also only be 40gig. Ok fair enough smaller HD, less USB ports but to NOT make it backwards compatible?!?! What is the point? There’s like nothing to play on the system as is! to not be able to play old games? Ok so taking that feature out makes it cheaper for them to produce and means they can sell it for less, but man, I swear I think someone forgot to take their sane pills!

Also as pointed out in the article, this Cheaper PS3 is the same price as the Xbox ELITE! Ok so the PS3 as the fancy blue ray dvd player in it.. but you know that’s all you seem to get for your money a really expensive DVD system at the moment. What is the point?


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